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Membership Information
Treasurer's Forms
Reflections Program
Program Ideas
KY PTA Grants, Scholarships

PTA/PTSA Business, Admin

14th District Board Members
List of 14th District PTA Board Members and their contact info.

District Calendar of Events
The 2016-17 Calendar has been updated.

Officer Sheet
PTAs are required to send a new list of officers to both the KY PTA and 14th District PTA by June 15th.

By-Laws Renewal Schedule
When does my PTA's by-laws expire? Do I need to renew this year or next? Check the list to find out.

By-Laws Form

Mentoring Contact List
Who is my contact person at the 14th District PTA? Check the list to find out, but, as always, feel free to call any of us for help.

KY PTA Donation Form
Used for local PTAs to donate to the KY PTA

Boutique Items & Order Form
List of PTA branded items for sale by the KY PTA.

KY PTA Contact Information
All the phone, address and email information for the KY PTA

Membership Information

Membership Dues Deadlines
List of dates and information for paying membership dues throughout the year.

14th District Dues Payment Form
Use this form to pay your 14th District membership dues.

State and National Dues Payment Form
Used to pay both the KY PTA and National PTA dues.

Membership Annual Report
Form is due 3/15 to both the KY PTA and the 14th District PTA. Reports annual number of members and demographics.

Membership Campaign Instruction Book
Full of ideas to help you run a successful membership campaign.

Membership Awards List
Listing of membership awards available for local PTAs.

Sample Membership Contest Flyer
Ideas for a membership contest

Sample Membership Form
Sample sign up form for PTAs

Membership Card Template
Used with Microsoft Word, this will enable you to print out this year's membership cards.

Honorary Life Recognition Form
Information is also in the Grants section.

Treasurer's Forms

Financial Review Form
Must be sent in annually to KY PTA to remain in good standing. Due 8/15. Send a notification to the 14th District PTA Treasurer after form has been filed with KY PTA -

Important Mailing Addresses
Addresses for dues and taxes.

Reimbursement Form

Sample Monthly Treasurers Report

Sample Payment Form
For use by treasurers when paying bills.

Sample Thank You Letter for Donations
Sample Thank You letter for PTA donations.

Reflections Program

Student Entry Form
Use this entry form for each student entry

This Year's 14th District Reflections Dates
The timeline for the District 14 Reflections contest

Reflections Info & Checklist
NEW for 2014 - all other versions are out of date. GO HERE FIRST!!! Everything you need to do to have a Reflections Program at your school this year!

Full Set of Reflections Rules and Entry Forms
A link to the KY PTA Reflections Page. Rules, regulations, details - use the Entry forms on the District Website.

School Entry Form 
Enter all student data for the District competition. Must be turned in with entries.

Handwritten Name Tag Sheet
Print out a sheet of Reflections name tags for your entries and hand write student names.

Reflections Name Tags - Word Document
Print out Reflections name tags for your entries using this Word document.

2016 Participation Certificate
Word document, Reflections certificate that you can fill out and print for your local unit Reflections celebration.

2016 Reflections Flyer from KY PTA
Link to KY PTA website, Reflections Page and the new 2014 flyer

New PTA Entry Form
Bring this completed form to the District 14 Reflections contest for your PTA entries

Sample Letter to Teachers
Explains the Reflections program to teachers

Sample Reflections Article for Newsletters

Sample Reminder Letter to Teachers
Reminder letter with program dates for teachers

Theme Search Form & List of Past Themes
2016 - KYPTA included this information in with all the other programs. Scroll down the link to find what you are looking for. Want to pick the next Reflections theme? Fill out this form and send in your ideas.


Registration Form for District Spring Conference
THIS FORM IS UPDATED IN MARCH EVERY YEAR: Use this form to RSVP for your PTA and any students, who won the self esteem award.

Outstanding Classified Personnel Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize classified personnel who are involved in and support the PTA, encourage parent volunteers and use special techniques to motivate students.

Outstanding Educator Award
All certified personnel involved in the education process are eligible. Criteria - innovative programs that correlate with PTA programs and projects, PTA involvement and support, and encouragement of parent volunteers.

Outstanding Membership Campaign Award
Did you run a successful membership campaign this year? Submit this application and description of the membership campaign by March 15th for consideration. Forms should go to both the District and KY PTAs. You may win at one or both levels.

Outstanding Newsletter Award Form
Publishing a PTA newsletter is an excellent way to publicize your involvement in the school and community. PTA may be part of a school newsletter. Content should include District, KY and National PTA information.

Outstanding Program Award
Did you host an outstanding program this year for reading, healthy living, etc? You may qualify for the Outstanding Program Award!

Outstanding School Nurse Award
Two letters of recommendation outlining special qualities and contributions of the nominee that have improved the health environment in the school.

Outstanding Volunteer Award
The nominee must meet the dictionary definition of a volunteer - "a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking; a person who performs a service willingly and without pay".

Outstanding Volunteer Participation Award
This is an award that the PTA wins for outstanding volunteer participation. Should include the number of volunteer hours for the school.

Outstanding Website Award
Do you have a fabulous PTA website? Send in this application with the link to be considered.

Penguin Award Form
Did you have a Dad's Group at PTA this year? If so, you may qualify for the Penguin Award.

Proudfoot Award
Outstanding School Board Member

Publicity Book Award
Each PTA is encouraged to compile a publicity book to be used as a history of your activities for the year. Books will be judged and displayed at the Convention/Leadership in July. Place this application in the front of your book and bring to the convention for consideration.

Rising Star Self Esteem Award
Entries due by February 15th. Award form for students to apply for the Christa McAuliffe Rising Star award. The award will recognize a student who has successfully worked to improve grades, attendance, attitude, character and/or self-esteem.

Self Esteem Award
Entries due by February 15th. The purpose of this award is to allow students to express what makes them feel special. Limit of 5 entries per school.

Student Leadership Recognition Award
A PTA may present a recognition award to a worthy student who has shown leadership qualities that have made a positive difference in the school or community. Cost is $25 to the PTA to convey this award certificate and letter of congratulations from the KY PTA President.

Program Ideas

Program Ideas from the KY PTA
The KY PTA updated the 2014 Leaders book with the following section of information. "Programs" section of the President's Binder. Will provide the full range of program ideas for any PTA to implement during the school year. Also included are the winning program ideas from last year. Great resource for themes!

Health Programs and Staff Appreciation
2014 - KY PTA dropped this section from their Leaders Book. 14th District is keeping the 2013 info available here for our PTAs. Information about health programs and staff appreciation ideas for PTAs

Inclusiveness Programs
2014 - KY PTA dropped this section from their Leaders Book. 14th District is keeping the 2013 info available here for our PTAs. Information from the KY PTA about Inclusiveness Programs that local PTAs can organize.

KY Kids Day Program
2014 - KY PTA dropped this section from their Leaders Book. 14th District is keeping the 2013 info available here for our PTAs. Information about KY Kids Day for local PTAs to organize.

KY PTA Programs to Enhance Education
2014 - KY PTA dropped this section from their Leaders Book. 14th District is keeping the 2013 info available here for our PTAs. Ideas for PTA programs

Safe Guarding Programs
2014 - KY PTA dropped this section from their Leaders Book. 14th District is keeping the 2013 info available here for our PTAs. Bullying prevention program ideas

KY PTA Grants, Scholarships

General Information for Scholarships and Grants
The KY PTA dropped this section from their 2014 Leaders Book. This is a link to the info available in 2013, which has basic information about the types of scholarships and grants available through the KY PTA and deadlines to enter.

$1000 Student Scholarship
The Harold L. Steele $1000 student scholarship is awarded every two years on even numbered years. This is a scholarship to be awarded to any public college or university in Kentucky, by the KY PTA. Click on the link and scroll down to view the multiple scholarships available.

$500 Scholarships
$500 scholarships are available for students, teachers who are members of a PTA, and parents who are members of a PTA. The scholarships are for a public college or university in Kentucky. Letters of recommendation are required along with the application. Click on the link and scroll down to view the multiple scholarships available.

Application for grant to attend the KY PTA Convention
KY PTA Convention is usually held in July. Grant includes convention fees and room and board.

Honorary Life Recognition
Any PTA may present a KY Honorary Life Recognition to a worthy person in the school, community or state. Certificate is $25 and pin is an additional $20.