Monday, June 8, 2015

PTA Insurance Info for Kenton County PTAs

Welcome to Summer! We've had many questions about insurance. All District 14 PTAs are eligible to get discounted insurance under the KY PTA's umbrella policy. To enroll, call The Underwriters Group in Louisville and tell them that you are a KY PTA and need to get insurance - (502) 244-1343. If you already have the annual insurance policy, the policy dates run September 1st to September 1st. Your renewal bill will be mailed to your school's address, attention PTA in late August. Once the insurance company receives your check, they will mail out a new policy for your files. This policy and other documents need to be kept in a central file with the year's bank statements and other important documents. To all Kenton County PTAs, The Kenton County Board of EDU will be added as an “endorsement” to any Kenton County PTA that needs it, free of charge. The arrangements have been made and the KY PTA authorized it. THE CATCH, however, is that you have to call the Underwriters Insurance Group and tell them that you need it. Their phone number is 502-244-1343. You have to call to request it for the 2015-16 policy. You will need to call and ask for it every year. I’m sorry that it is not an automatic item. There are PTAs located in Kenton County that are not part of the Kenton County Board of EDU, so the insurance company can’t do it across the board based on addresses and is unwilling to keep a list of who needs it on their end. Please add this information to your “procedures book” for your PTA so the information is passed on from year to year.