Wednesday, September 10, 2014

File Taxes Before November 15

All PTAs are required to file taxes every year. PTA/PTSAs who run over $50,000 through their accounts during the year must file either the 990 or 990EZ forms, plus Schedule A for Non-Profit Organizations. Other forms may also be required.
If the PTA/PTSA runs less than $50,000 through their account during the year they must file the online only 990N form. Failure to file the proper tax forms will result in penalties, fines, and possible loss of tax exempt status.

Send a copy of the 990, 990EZ with Sch. A and B, if required, or a copy of the verification receipt from the online e-card filing to: KY PTA 148 Consumers Lane Frankfort, KY 40601

You no longer have to send any copies to the Attorney General. Please send an email scan to, so we can confirm that your PTA is in compliance and will continue to stay in good standing.